How to Cut Black Hair--Getting the Sides


Cutting Hair on Sides of Head

Taming the Sides

This is the first part, of really getting the hair even.

For this part, instead of starting at the front or back of your head, you're going to be starting at the bottom of one side of your head (at the neckline, only at the side), and going up towards the crown (top).

Overlap each pass like with the other phases.

You may or may not see much improvement at first. If you don't see a change, but it needs one, make some more passes. Concentrate on any hair that is stubbornly staying longer.

But, don't expect to get every bump out just yet--this should only get it to the "almost done" level.

As for those hairs on my back and shoulders, yes, those just fell there. There's no point in doing anything about them just yet, since there's more to come!

Now to put the finish on the main part.

No pictures for this part. Cut, slowly, and with very even speed, from front to back once more.

This is the end of the main cutting part.

If it doesn't look quite done, don't worry--the final combout is what shows the true story. There may be a particularly stubborn high spot or two remaining, especially if you're doing this for the first time, and I'll get to that.

But for now, if you like your hair super-short at the ears, it's time to use the around-the-ear combs.

If you don't want ultra-short hair around the ears, (about 1/4-inch), skip using the ear combs and put the finishing touches on your haircut.