How to Cut Black Hair--the Second and Third Passes


Starting second phase of haircut

Cutting the Hair-Stage Two and Three

Now it's time to start to bring some order to the unruly hair from the first phase.

The principal of the 2nd phase is simple. Now it's time to cut the hair from front to back.

In the first pass, the cutting direction made the hair lean forward. So you're going to go against the new grain, by cutting in the opposite direction.

This will take off another large hunk of hair (but no shorter than your clipper's length-comb).


It doesn't seem done...

Because it's not done! In fact, it probably looks something like this:

Haircut after second phase

Definitely not complete!

You'll notice that hairs are starting to pile up on my shoulders, too. I ignore those little pieces of itchiness until the end, so I only have to use one towel. Each towel is only good for one de-hairing, since the next use of the same towel will just give the hairs back! Just something to keep in mind if you get the urge to towel off the hairs that have fallen on you just yet.

Phase Three

No pictures for the third phase. That's because all you do for the 3rd phase, is repeat the first two phases!

Resist the urge to speed up and "bolt for home." SLOWLY, cut again. First, go from back to front, like in the first phase. Then, go from front to back, like in the second phase.

(If the clipper starts "balking" or not cutting effectively, give it another couple of drops of oil. Usually I need to do this only one more time--right about when I'm partway through the third phase. DO NOT add extra oil too often, or you'll end up with an oily head! Clipper oil is not like styling oils or Afro Sheen--too much will just make it look like you need to wash your hair. There should be enough used to keep the clippers going nicely, but not so much that it gets your head full of oil.)

And no, you're not quite done yet. Almost...

You'll notice, unless you're really lucky, that there's still dips and dents, especially on the sides. So now, it's time to work especially on the sides!