How to Cut Black Hair--The Final Steps


The Completed Black Haircut

The Completed Haircut

The picture says it: This is the completed haircut.

You'll notice that the hair around the ears does not look "scalped" from the front.





Nothing left to do now except clean up the floor!

Sweeping Up the Clippings

There's always a surprising amount of cut hair to sweep up, even when only an inch or so has been cut off!

When you dispose of the clippings, it's good to put them in a plastic bag or something before chucking them into the can, otherwise they'll fly all over the place as soon as you drop something else in on top of them.

That's it!

Hope you enjoy cutting your own black hair, and not paying any more of your good money to some suburban salon whose stylists had never seen any black hair up-close until you walked in!