How to Cut Black Hair--The Final Steps


Finishing the Hair Cut with Scissors

The Final Combthrough

Time to run the comb through one last time.

This step will serve two main points: First, it'll get those infernal little hairs made by the clipping and trimming off of your head!

Second, it'll let the TRUE finished product show, for the first time!



That's it for the actual haircut! Now to get rid of all that hair that's gotten all over you...

Time to get out the towel and relieve that awful itching!!!

Bunch up the towel to wipe off the hairs in front/on your shoulders. If you can keep it bunched up and still hit your back, that'd work great. But I haven't found a way to do that. Fortunately, the back is the least sensitive area (that doesn't get callouses, anyway).

toweling clippings off

Switch to a different part of the towel when the part you're using starts to give you hairs instead of taking them away. Save your shoulders for last or next to last, since they'll be the most hair-covered and will fill up the whole towel with hairs!

Needless to say, DO NOT use the same towel to dry yourself off after a shower or to dry your face with, until you've washed the hairs out of it. It'll give all the hairs right back to you if you do!

Now that you've combed out your hair and toweled off all those clippings, you can put your clothes back on and admire your handiwork.

Here's me with my haircut all finished: