Equipment for Cutting Black Hair


Clipper with Comb Attached

Attaching the Comb

Attaching the comb is easy. It just snaps on. Here's a picture so you can get an idea of how it'll look when the comb is on right.

Basically if you have to force the comb on, something's wrong.

There's a groove in the comb that'll be facing the clipper. The blades should rest in there. If the teeth of the comb are trying to get in between the teeth of the clipper, you're not aiming right. Adjust the angle of the blades so it all fits together nice. It's a bit tight, but the parts must not interfere with each other either.

When it's seated so that nothing's interfering with each other, push the comb down onto the blade assembly until you hear a definite "snap" sound. Then you're ready to go!

This is it, you've combed your hair, oiled up the blades, and gotten the comb on the clipper. Take a deep breath, because now it's time to start cutting!