Equipment for Cutting Black Hair


Wahl Homepro Hair Clipper


First off, if you like your money in your pocket, ignore all ethnic pandering from manufacturers. A "black" hair clipper is not meaningfully (if at all) different from a regular clipper! Hair clippers are just machines that move one set of sharpened toothed blades, against another set of sharpened toothed blades. Period! So save your money and get the regular clipper set!!!

Weapons of long-hair destruction

Here are my weapons, which make unruly, comb-requiring hair into neat, no-combing required hair:

In the main picture, you'll see my clipper. It's a Wahl Homepro. It costs something like $25 or $30, as I recall, and comes with a set of combs. These combs are different from regular combs. They fit on the end of the clipper and prevent it from getting closer to the scalp than the length of the comb. This makes it a lot easier to get the hair to an even length, than the typical hair-salon method of using scissors. Scissors = frustration, when every little dip and dive will show like a neon sign!! So, I only use scissors for minor trim work. The clippers do all the heavy lifting.

Below are the clipper combs I'll be using:

hair clipper combs

From left to right, there's a left-ear comb, the standard 1/2-inch-cut comb, and a right-ear comb.

You may not want to use the ear-area combs, depending on the look you're after, but you'll definitely need a standard comb in whatever length you want your hair to end up. I think the ones the come with the clipper go as long as 1 inch, but you can get longer ones from Wahl. I don't know about other brands of clippers. Note that if you get too long of combs, the natural curliness of the hair will have more of a chance to kick in. At 1/2-inch, the hair doesn't get a chance to do anything! No surprises, no curling up and then uncurling just a bit when I think it's all even, none of that.

Now let's oil up those blades!

oiling hair clipper

That unmarked bottle is a big pro-sized bottle of Wahl Clipper Oil that the label came off of. But you don't need a lot of it!! I just got that size because the tiny tube the clipper came with ran out, and it's only about $1 more to get that huge thing instead of another tube. That bottle will probably last as long as the clipper will, but I don't like to waste my money on overpriced little packages of things.

Now, to oil the blades.

First, turn on the clipper. The running blades will spread the oil you're about to put on them. Now add a bit of oil to the blades. Just a couple of drops on the top of the blades will do. Then turn the clipper over and drop 2 or 3 drops on the other side.

Okay, let's keep going...

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