How to Cut Black Hair--Around the Ears


Cutting Hair Behind Ears

Clipping Around the Ears

I don't like to have hairs hitting into the back of my ears. It makes them hot, and it's also irritating--like having a mosquito dancing around back there.

The solution to this, of course, is to cut the hair even shorter around my ears, than it is on the rest of my head!

If you also want it super-short there, here's how I do it:


Time to get out the trimmer's ear combs!

Take off the standard comb you had on the trimmer, and replace it with one of the ear combs.

trimmer with left ear comb attached    trimmer with right ear comb attached

The pictures on the left shows the trimmer with the left ear comb attached, and the one on the right has the right ear comb.

Trimming with these is a bit different than you might expect. You go from back to front, with the short part of the comb facing the ear. The idea is that, the hair closest to the ear will end up shorter, and the hair will be longer the further away from the ear it gets.

Only make one pass behind each ear, back-to-front. If you make more passes with these combs, you'll end up with grooved hair!! And that's dumb looking. So if you don't get it exactly right in one pass, use the scissors for touch-ups.

To get the hairs growing closest to the ear (actually behind/under the ear itself), you'll need to bend the ear over somewhat with one hand, or lift it up a bit if it's too stiff for bending--while using the other hand to work the clippers.

My clipper hand is in the way of my ear-holding hand in this next pic, but it shows how the two hands overlap for this procedure:

holding ear out of way of clippers

That's it for the ears. We're almost done...

Now it's time to trim it up with the scissors!